Month: February 2015

VCS Logo

Our new trademark/logo/seal thing. I wanted it to be a suitcase, something small and simple, then I found this coaster from The Jane and thought it could work. Not sure this is it. We’ll see.

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Welcome to Voltage Controlled Suitcase!

Wow, it’s been a hectic week! It all started with Mark Verbos posting my custom made Verbos Composition suitcase on Facebook. Then Peter Kirn posted about it on Create Digital Music, then Matrixsynth and then Synthtopia. That’s when my inbox started to fill up. A lot of people seemed to want alternatives to the standard Eurorack

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The first cases are arriving!

Today we picked up a few new cases that will soon be offered for sale! My favourite is a typewriter case that is a really nice and beat up. It contained an old typewriter marked ”Quiet De Luxe”. Great name! There’s also an old Samsonite suitcase and an attaché case for that classic ”Synthi” look. The last

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