The Pelican Briefcase II


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Please note that the measurements below are approximate. Details might change as we build the case. Please allow 4-6 weeks building time.

Name: Cavalet AKS
Rows: 2
HU: 6
HP top row: 82 (below standard width)
HP bottom row: 84 (standard Eurorack width)
Installation depth: 55-60 mm
Colour: Black and anodized aluminium
Material: Aluminium fram and plastic
Dimensions: 35 x 46 x 12 cm
Weight w/o rails:
Condition: PLEASE NOTE: This case has a significant dent in the side that can be seen in the pictures above. This case was probably never sold due to the damage. The frame will straighten out slightly but if you’re fuzzy you should stay away from this case. I offer this case for sale since the original Pelican Briefcase was so popular.
Price: 4 900 SEK

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